Valued for its warm atmosphere, I.D.E.A. Gallery originated from a place of passion.

Amy Spanier created what she craved throughout her 37-year interior design career: a gallery that promotes purely local artists and embodies the joy that comes with experiencing art. I.D.E.A. Gallery has a unique energy and hangs pieces in a nontraditional style, allowing them to harmonize with one another. Lively music plays in the background, and the space is bathed in warm lighting. We aim to be approachable, versatile, and filled with incredible art.

Another facet of I.D.E.A.’s mission is to, as Amy says, “keep art in the light.” We strive to best represent local creators with competitive prices, event hosting, and genuine enthusiasm for what they do. By partnering with Chamblee Charter High School art students for an annual show, as well as displaying some students’ works on a regular basis, I.D.E.A. empowers the next generation of artists. Amy’s uncontrollable urge to enrich every public space with art also plays into the vision of the gallery: She hopes to one day open a Chamblee Community Arts Center, where all types of artistic expression will converge to create a unique city focal point.

As a pioneer of the Chamblee art scene, we remain a contributing member of the growing community. Through I.D.E.A.’s nonprofit, I.D.E.A. Chamblee 501(c)(3), Amy co-founded and hosts the Chamblee History Project with a group of exceptional, Chamblee-loving volunteers. The History Project welcomes anyone who would like to explore Chamblee’s multiple reinventions over the past hundred years.

We would love to have you visit soon!

We would love to have you visit soon!