Phil Allen

About Artist
Hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina, Phil Allen spent his youth drawing in his grandfather’s forest. The son of avid art lovers, he went on to study sculpture and ceramic at the University of North Carolina Pembrook. It was here that he took an oil painting course on a whim, soon landing two of his paintings at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Phil has also co-written, photographed, and designed children’s books, often working with Jackie Kennedy Onassis on her children’s literature projects. Currently, his paintings oscillate between abstract and representational, but each concept has nature at its core. He gravitates toward large works, bright colors, and strong contrasts. His wonderful wife, who passed away after forty-five years of marriage, visits him in dreams and urges him to paint vividly and with emotion.


Oil on board. Size: 24"x36"

Title: Buick Century

PhilAllen1 (Copy)


Oil on canvas. Size: 48"x72"

Title: One Sunflower

PhilAllen (Copy)


Oil on canvas. Size: 60”x48”

Title: Porsche